I’ve been reading a lot of takes about the January 6th insurrection. My favorite one is from the EFF:

The decisions by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others to suspend and/or block President Trump’s communications via their platforms is a simple exercise of their rights, under the First Amendment and Section 230, to curate their sites. We support those rights.

This statement is clear and straightforward: platforms have the rights to curate their sites. But EFF goes even further:

We also note that those same platforms have chosen, for years, to privilege some speakers — particularly governmental officials — over…

Someone, or more likely something, out there in the surveillance world thinks I’m a senior. For years now I’ve been receiving mail from AARP and its adjacent services. If there’s a new clinic for seniors, they’ll make sure to mail me a card. They even followed me after I moved apartments!

Most recently, the surveillance machinery figured out I speak Russian so I got this nice card offering help in renewing my Medicare. (Which I don’t have because I’m in my thirties.) They’re so close, and yet so far.

A postcard advertising Medicare-related services in Russian.
A postcard advertising Medicare-related services in Russian.
“Medicare is a complicated program…”


On the second day of the shelter in place order in Oakland, I went for a walk around Lake Merritt. Turned out I wasn’t the only one.

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Or How to Improve Your Sleep by Dropping the Cascade

What happens when you drop the “C” from CSS? At Medium, we’ve been experimenting with a new way of using CSS to style our user interface components: a few months ago we started using small, atomic, and non-cascading classes instead of the usual BEM modifiers. The result is that we have a slightly more awkward but much more robust system of styling visual components.

Block Element Modifier

CSS has only one global scope. There are no namespaces, no local scopes: if you define a class—say author—to use on the story page, you have to be very careful to not to re-use the same…

Beautiful JavaScript is now available in Chinese!

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Thanks O'Reilly for sending me a copy.

Heaven and hell

Suzuki told an old Chinese folk tale about the difference between heaven and hell. In hell everyone has very short arms. They sit around tables full of sumptuous food, trying to eat with very long chopsticks, but they can’t get the food in their mouths because chopsticks are too long and their arms too short. They try in agony to feed themselves, to no avail. In heaven everyone also has short arms, but everyone is feeding each other across the table and having a lovely time.

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Crooked Cucumber: The Life and Zen Teaching of Shunryu Suzuki
by David Chadwick

Your code is just your code.

It is not your life.
It is not who you are.
It is your code.

Some of your code is concise and clear.
Some of your code is muddy.

Sometimes your code needs refactoring.
Sometimes you need to leave it alone.

Keep sorting this out.
You will learn this by writing code.

Please enjoy it!

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This letter was inspired by Buddha in Blue Jeans, a wonderful tiny Zen guide on sitting quietly and being Buddha.

Anyone Can Get a Black Belt

I’ve always thought that if you were practicing martial arts, getting a black belt was the pinnacle of your career. As it turned out, I was wrong. And while I was reading about different ranking systems I realized how much we, computer programmers, could learn from traditional martial arts.

The systematic use of belt color to denote the rank was first used by Kano Jigoro, the founder of judo, back in the 1880s. At the time, there weren’t any intermediate colors. White, a color of purity and simplicity, was representing the beginner. Black, being the opposite color, was representing a…

Come Celebrate Beautiful JavaScript

This morning I was at the Oakland International Airport. (Oakland International is an amazing airport, by the way, much better than SFO.) I was walking towards an exit and then almost took a wrong turn. That was when I noticed the sign and took this photo:

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Look at this person. They’re my hero. This is the chillest chiller who is calmly walking away from the fire. Flames are almost touching their elbow but they just don’t give a fuck. In fact, maybe they set the building on fire. …

XOXO ’15

Last night I boarded a Southwest flight to Portland. I was seated in between two dudes: one was “devastated” because the flight didn’t have WiFi and another just sat there repeating “really? c’mon!” every minute or so until we took off.

This means that today I’m in Portland, at the fourth XOXO festival (and conference), celebrating independent art and technology. I’m not really sure what to expect but the opening remarks sounded promising.

I ate breakfast. (If you eat something and its not on Instagram, are you really full?) While it doesn’t sound very exciting, it did give me a…


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