It’s interesting how working on something spoils that same thing for me. Or, maybe “spoils” is too strong of a word here but I very easily get distracted while using Medium.

These days, at least half of stories I read are published on Medium. The other half is split between NYTimes and everything else. When I read a Times story, my focus is entirely in the story. When I read a Medium story, however, I notice all these minor things that distract me from reading. “Recommend” is misaligned here, we need a period after “Thanks to” to be consistent, why did scrolling past that image felt janky, and so on.

Which brings me to a question. Is this because we have more bugs than other websites or am I just biased? I doubt its the former so I wonder if me reading a story with no distractions is the ultimate personal goal of improving Medium on the web?

Which brings me to a wish. It would be amazing if I could fix and deploy a misaligned button shortly after noticing it. Disqus, after I left, figured something out. If I recall correctly, they split the front-end part from the rest and made it possible to make super light and fast deploys, just for the front-end.

Oh how happy I would be if we could do the same.

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