Shelter In Place, Lake Merritt

On the second day of the shelter in place order in Oakland, I went for a walk around Lake Merritt. Turned out I wasn’t the only one.

There weren’t as many cars driving around so it was much quieter. I could hear birds, I could hear footsteps, and I could hear the hum of people’s voices.

Some were walking their dogs, some were reading with their dogs, others were jogging with their dogs. There were a lot of dogs.

Since gyms were closed as well, I noticed a lot of different types of exercise: running, boxing, lunges on benches, Tai Chi, soccer, you name it.

Most businesses were closed, except for a few restaurants that only served take out.

Finally, there was joy! Couples chatting with each other, children running around, ducks being ducks, trees blooming.

After all, human wonder always makes its way through.

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If you point your cart north, when you want to go south, how will you arrive?

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